HAHN - Performance that builds trust.


This has been corporate philosophy of the HAHN company since its foundation in 1949. Right from the start, it was the maxim of HAHN to supply products of high quality an to base all efforts on customer-requirements and satisfaction. Corporate growth has been achieved to a dynamic an reliable extent. To ongoing expansion of the manufacturing facilities furthered the improvement in quality and HAHN was able to invest in new products. Today, HAHN employs a workforce of approaching 270, wich serve an international clientele in various an provide reliable customer service an thus contribute to the success of its customers.



Founded on April 21st, the company was registered as an armature winding works, repair shop for electrical motors, generators, electrical installations and the sale of domestic electrical appliances.



September - commencement of smal size transformer production in the storage space of the newly renovated electrical installation shop.



Construction of the first new hall building of 700 square meters floor space.



Opening of new production and warehouse hall of 1,600 total square meters floor space.



Extension of the production floor space by some 600 square meters.



Extension of the storage space by some 500 square meters.



Removal of the final inspection and quality control facility and the standard transformer inventory into a new hall building of some 1,000 square meter floor space.



A new raw materials ´and semi-finished products´warehouse was constructed with a floor space of 600 square meters.



New warehouse and goods´consignment facility was constructed with a floor space of some 600 square meters.



A new reception area was opened. Production capacity was extended by 20%. Commissioning of the new manufacturing facility in Güsten. Extension of the traiding floor space by some 20,000 square meters.



Award of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certification for the locations at Hungen and Güsten in Germany.



Disposable and re-usable packings are given the designation ´Blue Angels´.



A third manufacturing facility has been set up in the Ukraine.


Starting production in our new manufacturing facility in Ukraine.


Award of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certifikation for the location at Hungen, Günsten and Novovolynsk (Ukraine)


Site expansion and increase in production capacity


Beginning of production for ignition transformers at plant Günsten. Update of the approvals according to DIN EN 61558-1/2005 and DIN EN 61558-2-6/2009 for all series-products


HAHN is able to manufacture more efficiently on a total production surface area of 65,000 square meters. A workforce of 470 persons in research and development, production and quality control assurance ensure a high standard of quality in the production process as well as enhanced efficiency. Severval of ten thousands of transformers leave the works each day with an export quota of almost 50%.


The parent company in Hungen, Germany

All the business decisions of HAHN are taken here, just only half an hour away by car from Frankfurt´s International Airport; in terms of a qualitative- and consumeroriented corporate cultural philosophy. New, user-friendly products are developed here. Progressive production technology for highest process quality and economically high volume is located here. All employees are trained to satisfy customer requirements all over the world.


Production in Güsten, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

The rising demand for HAHN products in Eastern European countries made it necessary to transfer partial production into a region near the border in order to reduce logistical costs.


3rd Production in Novovolynsk (Ukraine)

With foundation of the 3rd plant in Eastern Europe, HAHN removed the manual production from plant Hungen and Güsten to Novovolynsk. Custommade and wage-investive products made this step necessary to be as one of the leading transformer producer furthermore competitive on the constantly growing market.





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