Authorized Representatives

The HAHN Group is on course for the future!

New Authorized Representatives appointed.

As one of the leading European manufacturer in the field of transformers, ferrite-transformers, inductivities and chokes, with more than 600 employees at 3 European locations, the HAHN Group is constantly changing and orienting itself towards the future.

For this reason, and as a further milestone in the company's history, the HAHN management appointed several new persons as Authorised Representatives in February of this year:

Steluta Keller (Head of Finance), Martin Theimer (Head of Administration), Marc Pflügl (Head of Sales/Marketing) and Björn Weil (Head of Production).

In addition, Thomas Borges (Plant Manager of facility Güsten) and Ralph Gerling (Head of the Technical Department) have been with the company for decades and are already since many years member of the board.

With these experts, HAHN is excellently prepared for the future and forms a top-class basis for the management level, in order to meet the future challenges in all important and central corporate areas.

The HAHN-Managing Directors - Marta and Klaus Dieter Hahn - congratulated them and they are looking forward to a successful cooperation.

The picture shows the HAHN-management as follows:
Back row (from left to right): Klaus Dieter Hahn, Marc Pflügl, Thomas Borges, Martin Theimer
First row (from left to right): Ralph Gerling, Marta Hahn, Steluta Keller, Björn Weil