Best quality from first-class production facilities!

Bird's eye view of the plant in Hungen

The headquarter in Hungen, Germany

30 Minutes northly of Frankfurt away from the Rhein-Main Airport, all quality- and customer-ori-ented decisions of the company are taken for the HAHN group. New, user-oriented developments are made and latest is used for the highest process quality and eco-nomic series production.


Production Plant in Güsten, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

Due to the increasing demand for HAHN products, the location in Güsten was founded in 1998. A specialization in selected, extremely diffizil products and highly automated processes are the success factor of this location.


Produktion Plant in Novovolynsk

In order to remain competitive as one of the leading manufacturers of winding products in the constatnly growing market worldwiede, customer-specific and labor-intensive products are produced here.

 Substainability / Enviromental / Code of conduct

We always follow the sustainability and environmental strategy.
The social, as well as the economic sustainability and a positive eco-balance are the focus of our daily work.
In addition to certified processes and products, HAHN supplies extremely durable products in reusable packaging or recyclable packaging, avoiding consumption at all times before disposal. In addition, all processes are based on the principles of HAHN company policy. The focus is on the entire product life cycle - from development to disposal.
The environmental awareness of employees is promoted by providing necessary resources. Close cooperation with the authorities, the economical use of energy and water, legal compliance and recycling are taken into account. Our production processes are designed to minimize the impact on the environment.
Interested parties are also a part of our company strategy, goals and vision. We are clearly committed to our Code of Conduct, which defines respect for the fundamental rights of our employees, the prohibition of child labor, the idea of environmental protection, the health and safety of our employees, compliance with laws and the prohibition of corruption and bribery.
This Code of Conduct & Ethics defines the principles and requirements of HAHN of goods and services regarding their responsibility to humans and the environment.
You are welcome to request the HAHN-Code of Conduct from us.