Ignition transformers

For safe and stable ignition of gas heating systems!

• Circuit board assembly
• Compact design
• For unipolar or bipolar ignition
• For one or two ignition points
• Stringent individual quality-testing
• Self-extinguishing potting and housing material
Ignition transformers from HAHN guarantee safe and stable ignition of your gas-powered heating systems. Compact in design, they are ideal for use with printed circuit boards.

Within our comprehensive Quality Management System which includes several interim checks, each component is subjected to a final 100% test. in this test, not only the characteristic data are checked but a high-voltage insulation test is carried out.

The specially selected components are all subjected to a glow wire test according to DIN EN 60 335-1:2005, section 30.2.3.


Electronic ignition devices

For safe and stable ignition of boiler systems in the heating industry.
Electronic stroke-spark ignition for use in gas-condensing boiler systems. High-performance ignition for oil-burning systems.

• Voltages 230 V~ and 120 V~
• Single- or dual-pole ignition
• One or two ignition points
• Quality is based on individual testing
• EMV according to DIN EN 55014-1 and DIN EN 55014-2
• Construction according to DIN EN 60335-1 and DIN EN 60335-2-102
Electronic ignition devices from HAHN are designed according to the highest requirements in heating and idustiral plants.

Continuous monitoring of all process steps and the use of top-quality components guarantee safety, reliability and durability. All components are subjected to a 100% individual final check. Here, not only characteristic data are checked; integrated high-voltage tests are carried out that guarantee voltage stability. All ignition devices are compliant with current national and international standards.

For the user, national regulations are binding. Protection from electrical contact is the responsibility of the user.